Heidegger’s Being and Time: A section-by-section Commentary

In recent years, I’ve begun to teach Heidegger regularly. My aim in this page is to eventually develop a section-by-section commentary on Being and Time for students. For the Fall 2020 semester, I will be posting individual commentaries for each of the opening sections of the book, with commentaries on larger groups of sections for later portions. I expect this to take a number of years, but the plan is to continually revise until eventually I will have written individual commentaries for all 83 sections of Being and Time.

Below, you’ll find the table of contents for Being and Time, to which I will add as I write commentaries. For each section or group of sections, you can click on its title to be taken to a web version of the commentary (if available), or on ‘PDF version’ to access a PDF. Please note that to keep the commentaries manageable, I’ve written each one in a way that presupposes you’ve read all the previous ones.

Feedback on any material here is very welcome, and can be submitted (preferable via email) by clicking the ‘contact’ link above.